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Adam is the most passionate person I know. He has the ability to get people excited by everything. Thank you for an amazing time.

— Cathrine Blaabjerg, Event & Marketingkoordinator, Egeskov


Adam's performance on the day of the conference was top class and raised the standard of the event. Highly recommended and would love to work with and for him again.

— Daniel Runarsson, Co-Founder at Kasmír & Golf Pro Assistant


It took him less than 5 minutes before the audience loved him and people were all over him after the keynotes - so not only does Adam charm the students with his fantastic lecturer approach, he enchants the audience no matter where he is.

— Louise Dohn, Head of community management, TV2


I learned a lot during his unusual, very effective and interesting lessons. The most important thing I learned is never to give up, and to know there is always a way to realize my crazy ideas. It was a pleasure to be part of his lessons.

— Olivia Schmuck - Photographer, Germany


His ability to make the seemingly impossible a reality makes Adam's involvement invaluable. Adam's endless enthusiasm makes working with him a thoroughly enlightening experience.

— Mark Dowsett - Founder of Stranger Studio, London


You can always count on Adam to have a different view or angle to a problem or a solution which makes him a valuable work-partner. He seems to find a way no matter what the job is.

— Mads Ramkaer - Multimedia Designer, Denmark


I must say without any hesitation that he is one really dedicated teacher and that he always finds a way to inspire his students! He is very communicative person, always willing to help and understand students which inevitably leads to very possitive working athmosphere. Futhermore, his attitude motivates the students to work hard and solve even the most weird problems!

— Adriana Mandjarova - E-concept Developer


I loved the energy and bouncing back and forth of ideas. Adam is a very enthusiastic person with a very positive can-do attitude. His energy inspired me a lot.

— Anaïs Van Delft - Graphic Artist and Designer at Greinwalder


Adam Montandon is a rare talent, both in his ability to invent future digital applications and technologies, as well as in his ability to develop conceptual, artistic and creative ideas.

— Birgitte Aga - Innovation Broker at i-DAT Institute of Digital Arts and Technology


Adam is very outgoing person, always looking on the positive side of things and he is able to inspire and make things seem easier than they are.

— Bogdan Ciocsan - Graphic Designer at Kreativ Grafiker


Adam is slightly mad, in the way that you wish you could be. The mundane and obvious get turned into something altogether more interesting. If you need ideas, go no further than this man.

— Chris Weight - Independent Interactive Developer


Adam has a Brain... we all have brains, but Adam's comes with a capital B. Along with a good lump of silliness makes Adam a special man in the weird world of wonder made of digital stuff.

— Dan Efergan - Creative Director, Aardman Animations


A big-thinker with great ideas and the audacity, skills and knowledge to actually pull them off. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a dose of mad scientist on their project.

— Iain Lobb - Head of Interactive at Bloc Media


Adam is unique in that he always seeks to look at something from an angle that nobody does. He is one of the most creative people I have ever worked with and an excellent problem solver.

— James Abraham - Digital Media Specialist at Rockpool Digital


Working with Adam is like having someone open up your head and pull out all the gooey stuff and replace it with a fully interlinked network of interactive hypermedia interfaces.

— Joe Arnold - Photographer, Senior Artist, Cinesite and Animal Logic


Adam is a constant source of inspiration, he always looks at his work with a positive angle. Adam is an innovative force and challenges everybody around him to do better.

— Lise Agerbaek - Project Manager at SDU KnowledgeLab


His mind is a maelstrom of creativity, innovation and knowledge of technology. Adam can form and shape ideas to his will and and give projects that extra magic that moves a project from being amazing to being outstanding!

— Luke Angell - Senior Tech for Programming & Multimedia Interactivity, University of Plymouth UK


Adam has the world's database of cool ideas hard-wired into his brain! There is no other way to describe his ability to come up with these concepts and ideas.

— Owen Wallis - Senior Production Manager at Less Rain


His creativity, competence and his innovative way of approaching challenges made working with Adam a unique experience. He's honest, thoughtful and a dedicated professional, who won fans in the blink of an eye.

— Rainer Steindler - Project Manager - Automotive, Energy, and Plastics-Processing Industry ITG Salzburg, Austria


I'm more than sure that he inspires every single person he meets. The best part is that Adam isn't afraid to realize his crazy ideas!

— Gundega Lapsa - UX Designer - LEGO Education


Your presentation was a highlight of the event, for me personally and I heard it from a number of people. Thanks so much for joining us, truly.

— Barbara Fowler, Senior Manager, Sustainable Packaging Coalition, GreenBlue

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If they don’t believe you, ask them to join in.”

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Judge NUMA – Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Awards, Finland

Judge World Summit Awards, Austria

Judge European Youth Awards, Austria

2011 Best Collaboration Award, Creative City Challenge, Germany

2009 Overall Winner, Media Innovation Awards, UK

2009 Television Award, Media Innovation Awards, UK

2009 Nominee, Installation, Media Innovation Awards, UK

2008 HMC, Outstanding Contribution, Media Innovation Awards, UK

2008 Nominee, Installation/exhibition, Media Innovation Awards, UK

2008 Nominee for Peoples Choice, Museums and Heritage Award, UK

2008 Nominee for Best use of Technology, Museums and Heritage Award, UK

2008 Bronze Award, Summit Creative Awards

2008 Semi Finalist, Adobe MAX Awards, USA

2008 Bronze Award, OMNI

2007 Grand Prize for Innovation, Media Innovation Awards, UK

2007 1st Prize for Best Interactive Exhibition, Media Innovation Awards, UK

2007 Nominee for Outstanding Individual Contribution to Innovation, UK

2007 1st Prize for Best Community Website, Media Innovation Awards, UK

2006 Best of British Technology Showcase Companies, UKTI, UK

2005 Best Performing Story, Research TV Awards, UK

2005 Special Recognition for Business Achievement, Submerge Awards, UK

2004 1st Prize for Innovation, Submerge Awards, UK

2004 Winner, Content tools and Interface Design, Europrix, Austria

2003 1st Prize for Commercial Value, Submerge awards, UK

2003 Being Digital Award, University of Plymouth, UK

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