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Workshops to boost creativity

Practical, interactive, high energy fun.
Imaginative workshops become the highlight of your event.
Get your audience's creativity flowing.
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Unforgettable workshop experiences

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Factory Fundamentals workshop.

Fire up the machinery of your mind with an interactive creative workshop from the Factory of Imagination. Learn wild and wacky thought processes that will stretch your mind and bring wild ideas to life.
Join the most exciting production line on the planet, and step inside the cutting edge Danish factory that makes ideas not things.

Interactive, creative, unforgettable!

Factory Fundamentals transports you to a magical production line of creativity. Grab your thinking hat, put on your lab coat, and don't forget your protective goggles!

In an hour and a half, workshop participants will form creative teams, answer imaginative briefs, experiment with new thought-perspectives, brainstorm wild new ideas, and finally present, share and defend their creativity in a high-energy finale.

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Fun workshops for all industries.

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In this explosive, creative, loud, noisy session you will:

Have amazing fun and energy.
Express yourself creatively.
Learn how to avoid negative criticism.
Develop fun teamwork skills.
Try new roles, become a thought-leader.
Think in new, wild, hyper-creative ways.
Develop out-of-the-box skills for business and life.
Never have a boring brainstorm again!

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Each workshop contains the units:

Identifying and leading creative teams.
Answering creative briefs.
Seeing problems from new perspectives.
Finding your unique superpowers.
Defending your idea from criticism and attacks.
Gain huge presentation confidence.

“The most interactive, creative workshop I ever attended.”


— Dana al-Salem, CEO Fanfactory

“Blowing our minds through a high energy multi-sensory experience”


— Albert Palacios, U.S. Department of Education

“A fun and playful way to explore new innovation and creativity”


— Janine Warner, International Center for Journalism

How entertaining learning can be!”


— World Summit Awards, Singapore

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How it works:

Workshop participants are arranged into 6 competing teams. Each team is sat around a clustered table. Teams develop their creative skills and use out-of-the-box thinking to generate wild and unusual ideas.

The workshop is facilitated by two professional imagineers from the Factory of Imagination, and is full of fun and surprises.

Workshop participants will improve their creative confidence, express themselves in new ways, gain skills to boost creativity in their work and life, become inspired and gain the skills to inspire others.

The workshop can be customised to fit inside a larger event program, or to stand alone. If you would like to boost the creativity of your organisation, conference or team, book this high-energy workshop today.

Fast Facts for event organisers:

Workshop size: 20 to 60 participants.
Duration: 1 hour 30 mins.
Core topics: Creativity, idea generation, presentation skills, out-of-the-box thinking, teamwork, innovation and Imagination.
Intended audience: Creative professionals & Students 16+.
Workshop language: English.

We provide:
Hard hats, lab coats, safety goggles, magic potions, worksheets, a laptop for presenting and two professional imagineers from the Factory of Imagination to facilitate the workshop.

Workshop requirements:
Digital projector and screen, sound system, tables and chairs arranged into 6 clusters. Set-up time is 15 minutes.