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Audiences love creative business talks that really work.
Fun, energising, and useful in-depth presentations for businesses.
Interactive workshops that get ideas flowing.

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Delighting audiences worldwide

Creative, imaginative, professional keynotes.

Audiences around the world love Adam's lively presentation style. His goal is simple, to boost the creativity of everyone in the room. The perfect energising talks for any professional audience.

“I will help you:
Formalize the freaky,
Manage the mind-blowing,
Structure the strange.”

- Revolutionise your business creativity with cutting edge techniques -

Event organisers:
if you need a creative speaker to give professional keynotes or wild workshops, read on...

With multiple event formats, and years of international experience, Adam gives your event an uplifting creative boost of energy and excitement.

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Business keynotes for Creatives

Businesses, schools, events and organisations worldwide benefit from Adam's creative keynotes that boost creative thinking, and boost profits.

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Imagination Workshops

Fire up the machinery of your mind, with the creative, hands-on Factory of Imagination world class workshop. It's wild, high-energy and audiences of all ages love it.

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Featured in media and events worldwide

Adam has been featured in international media and events
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Talks that boost
business and creativity.

Does your audience need to boost their professional creativity? Do they need a new way of thinking? Do they want to try something wild, fun and high-energy? Not just inspiration, but practical ideas they can use right away? Adam delivers.

Hear what others are saying


Adam is the most passionate person I know. He has the ability to get people excited by everything. Thank you for an amazing time.

— Cathrine Blaabjerg, Event & Marketingkoordinator, Egeskov


Adam's performance on the day of the conference was top class and raised the standard of the event. Highly recommended and would love to work with and for him again.

— Daniel Runarsson, Co-Founder at Kasmír & Golf Pro Assistant


It took him less than 5 minutes before the audience loved him and people were all over him after the keynotes - so not only does Adam charm the students with his fantastic lecturer approach, he enchants the audience no matter where he is.

— Louise Dohn, Head of community management, TV2

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If anybody asks, tell them that you’re working.
If they don’t believe you, ask them to join in.”

- Get actionable activities your audience can use immediately -

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“Adam's info pack has all the information you need to promote your event. A brilliant resource.”

— Steffie Limere, Event Organiser
Total commitment

As a professional full-time expert, Adam is the best there is for your event. He recognizes the fact that the satisfaction and enjoyment of your audience depends greatly on his performance.

Peerless experience

As a professional public speaker, guest lecturer and international event MC, he has delivered hundreds of lectures, workshops and keynote speeches around the world.

Far-reaching vision

Adam’s exceptional creativity, relaxed style and professional delivery puts audiences at ease, and conveys an unparalleled level of creativity and inspiration to your event or conference.

Legendary reputation

As the co-founder of the biggest imagination event in Denmark, in addition to years of experience in creative concept development, Adam makes complex creative concepts easy to understand and easy for your audience to implement right away.

Consummate professionalism

Adam is committed to make your event a rousing success. He is always punctual, prepared, organized, and considerate. There is minimal work for you.

Multiplicity of speaking formats

From fast paced keynote sessions to longer interactive workshops, Adam has the perfect format for every speaking event. In addition, he also gives interviews, group mentoring, panel sessions, media appearances and master classes. All included in his fee.

Seamless scalability of audience

From small groups to massive audiences, novice students to advanced professionals, Adam alters both the level of difficulty and the scale of his talks to suit your audience perfectly.

Renowned expertise on important topics

Adam delivers unique ideas based on years of experience as an author, educator and multi-award winning innovator. Adam speaks on topics relating to innovation, creativity, imagination and business.

Flawless transition and flexibility of industry

Every single industry can profit from enhanced creativity, broader imagination, and from pushing the boundaries of innovation. Whatever your industry, Adam will make an electrifying impression.

Astounding over-delivery

Adam gives interviews before and after your event. He shares preview content, images, quotes or video messages on social media to assist in the promotion of your event all of which are included in his fee.

All-inclusive support

Adam and his team will ensure that everything needed for event support is delivered on time. Including distribution of promotional material prior to the event, to sharing downloadable PowerPoint presentations for your audience post-event, and everything else you might need in between.

Still have questions?

E-mail booking@adammontandon.com for answers.

Behind the scenes.

Watch this short video to take a look behind the scenes as Adam inspires Danish start-ups and entrepreneurs, during a business breakfast session in Denmark.